Full Production Services & Rentals


Do you need help planning your event? Are you unsure of everything you will need but have a plan of what kind of event you want to have? North American Staging and Production has over twenty years of experience planning and managing events.


Our staff are all educated and trained in every detail of their position to ensure that your event is perfect. Call NASP and we will give you our expertise and help you plan any event. Some of the events we usually work with are outdoor festivals, community events, concerts, commencements, and weddings. We have a very long list of products that we carry for rental purposes.


Our List of Products includes:

Lighting system rentals including control board rental, automated lighting rental, mover rental, power distribution rental, lighting fixture rental, dimmer pack rental, rack rental, rigging and truss rental, special effects rental, and generator rental.

Roof system rentals, tiered seating platform rentals, riser rentals, choir riser rentals, and mobile bleacher rentals.

Mobile stage rental, portable stage rental, and custom stage rentals.

Crowd control rentals including barricade rental, and security staffing for any event.

Custom stage rentals including pool stage rental, indoor custom stage rental, and outdoor custom stage rental.

Audio system rental options include large speaker rental, subwoofer speaker rental, monitor speaker rental, mixing console rental, power amp rental, DJ mixer rental, DJ gear rental, backline speaker rental, and rack speaker rentals.

Every one of our rental solutions are tailored for your event’s needs. Our rental solutions are available in the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio areas. NASP covers all major cities including Pittsburgh, Wexford, Cranberry, Athens, Columbus, Cleveland, Sandusky, Weirton, Charleston, Beckley, Parkersburg, and Morgantown. Please call NASP so we can discuss your event and give you our professional advice.




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